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SignKraft Version 2

The current version of SignKraft has been designed and developed after several rounds of demonstrations of the previous version to the deaf community at several special schools and in real-life scenarios. As compared to the previous version, this has a larger display (for better readability), 2 display screens (for smoother conversations) and an in-built battery (for improved mobility), and the ability to translate 2-hand, moving gestures. This version has been trained to the gestures of Indian Sign Language.  
Components of SignKraft V2:
- Microprocessor ESP32 (with camera) 
- 2 LCD Display Screens
- Microphone
- Battery
- 3D printed box case (1300mm x 850mm x 250mm)

Meet SignKraft

SignKraft device and components under the hood  

SignKraft 2 Prototype
SignKraft 2 - Under the Hood
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