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SignKraft Concept

Today, there are ready tools like Google Translate which can help people communicate seamlessly with people who use absolutely different languages. Sign Language is also recognized as a language. Yet, there are no tools available to help the hearing & speech impaired to indulge in such communication on a real time basis.
SignKraft has been conceputalised, designed and created as a product that can enable two-way interaction for the hearing and speech impaired community. It is a handheld portable device for translating sign-language to verbal messages and vice-versa on the go.
SignKraft seeks to make a difference to the lives of the hearing and speech impaired. It is like the friend which makes a hearing-impaired person independent and empowers their social skills. SignKraft can have several use cases due to its simplicity and mobility. To name a few - Restaurant Steward, Teaching Assistant Schools for Sign Language Education, Box-office Clerk, Personal Companion, Hotel Front Desk, Shop Teller.
SignKraft Concept
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